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Welcome to "A Day in the Life" project

Wouldn't it be fascinating to peer in to the life of another person, just for one day? "A Day in the Life" project is a short documentary series project. Each short documentary will show a single day in the life of one person, from waking to sleeping. Subjects will represent the widest diversity of people possible, from all around the world. 

Goals of "A Day in the Life" project

  1. Entertain; we are, after all, making movies, and movies are supposed to be fun to watch, evoke emotion, and be interesting. It will be incredibly fascinating and eye-opening to be able to peek into another person’s life.

  2. Educate and humanize others; we are living in a period of increased nationalism, xenophobia, and fear of the “other”, whether that “other” is a refugee, a person who follows another religion, is of another sexual orientation or gender, or another race. Through these series of short documentaries, we will be able to see others for who they are, a human being, a fellow brother or sister. By taking an intimate look at a day in the life of people from around the world, we can cut through the labels that divide us. 

  3. Record and archive what life looks like around the world, nowfuture generations will have access to a large, insightful library of recordings of what human life on earth looks like, without the filter of a narrative perspective. The anthropological and educational value will be very valuable, now and in the future.

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