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Angelo Leotta | Director/Producer/Director of Photography - Angelo has written, directed, filmed and edited a variety of short films since 2011. He feels most at-home when behind a camera or cutting together footage. What really inspires him is showing the ordinary things in a novel, fresh light. The most banal things can become infinitely interesting, if presented correctly. “A Day in the Life” project represents his personal thesis on film, first conceived of sometime in 2012, while observing people in a cafe in Oakland, CA. He really wanted to study people and their enviornments, interactions and behaviors, they way one might study an animal in a David Attenbourough documentary (without the narration). This project also represents his solution to meaningfully travel the world and understand its people. Favorite documentary: “The Artist is Present”

Melvin Wong | 2nd DP - Melvin is a photographer/filmmaker based out of San Francisco. Projects such as these, with authenticity and heart, intrigue him most. His work as a cinematographer allows him to tell stories that have lasting impact by capturing what only exists in the moment. Having this keen eye behind the camera, he aims to combine his technical background with a bit of art. Some of his favorite documentaries include Virunga (2014) and Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011).


Bua Khemacheva | Producer, Logistics (Thailand) - Bua is an independent project manager for culture and well-being programs, and a museum educator based in Bangkok. She believes that engagement with the arts and culture can tremendously enrich lives and support people’s health and well-being. Therefore, she looks into ways in which artistic approach can contribute to understanding people and improving their lives in some way.

Favorite documentary: “Walk With Me” (2017)

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Piamboon Uthaithammarat (Pang) | Producer, Logistics (Thailand) - Pang is a young development practitioner and a passionate Japanese-Thai manga translator based in Bangkok. She feels interested in this project, which focuses on capturing day-to-day lives of people living along Thailand-Myanmar border in order to transfer those individually different realities to a wider audience. Using her coordination skills and local insights, she aims to support Angelo and Melvin during their production time in Mae Sot. Some of her favorite documentaries include "Chef's Table" (2015) and "The Professionals" by NHK broadcasting.          

Kyaw Win | Post-production translation (Myanmar) - Kyaw is a Business Consultant based in Yangon. Other than his full-time work, Kyaw takes on freelance projects to fulfill his passion of introducing Myanmar to the world in his capacity through his works. Coming from a family of diplomats and having grown up in Singapore, he has keen interest in observing different cultures and building bi-lateral relations. He enjoys working with various foreign entities who have interests in Myanmar and helping to open doors for these entities. He believes by having more foreign support into Myanmar, it will help his fellow Burmese people in one way or another and overall contribute to the development of the country.
Favourite Documentary: Samsara (2011)       

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